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Published on: June 24, 2022, 3:36 p.m.
OTSI’s designed algorithms
  • Gondi: building transparency in dealings

By Lancelot Joseph. Executive Editor, Business India

Recently, Object Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd (OTSI), a global leader in IT and consulting, developed NITI Aayog’s ambitious national data and analytics platform (NDAP). The IT expert was selected as technical partner to build the portal, with inputs from NITI Aayog.

“Using specially designed algorithms, the data fetched from various government portals is processed to ensure uniformity in semantics so that two different data-sets can be compared,” explains Chandra Talluri, CEO, OTSI. “This means that our software enables government data to be presented in a user-friendly format, and promote data-driven decision making and research”. OTSI, a global technology company, offers solutions, consulting and managed services for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. 

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, OTSI has a strong presence in North America, South America and Asia-Pacific, with a global delivery centre based in Hyderabad. It is focussed on specific industry segments, such as BFSI, healthcare & life sciences, energy & utilities, communications, media entertainment, engineering & telecom, etc, and the works with transport logistics, government, defence and PSUs. OTSI’s expertise lies in business transformation with emerging technologies such as data and analytics, digital transformation, QA & automation, enterprise applications and disruptive technologies.

As of date, OTSI has analysed and processed more than 30,000 source files from various departments and combined them into 203 datasets on NDAP. “We are working on getting more data-sets to be on boarded onto the platform in the coming weeks,” adds Talluri. “We take every measure to make sure that NDAP’s backend architecture is scalable and resilient to cater to the future needs of India”.

Envisioned in 2020, the platform aims to standardise data across sources and provide flexible analytics that makes it easy for users to analyse information using multiple data-sets. The portal will help citizens, policymakers, academics, researchers, institutions, international organisations, etc, to easily analyse data across the departments, by merging various data-sets without any hassles. The portal offers 203 data-sets from more than 47 Central government ministries and agencies and across 14 sectors and will add new data-sets up to the village level in the future. The data-sets available on the portal have been selected, based on used cases and after discussion with experts on the most commonly used data required for various analyses. For instance, census, national family health survey, unified district information system for education data, etc, are available on the portal. 

While many government departments have public dashboards with options to download data, some are available as image files, while others are in PDF format, making it difficult to compile information. The analysis of data across departments is another key challenge. Data collected by various government departments is also incoherent, due to different standards for common indicators. This issue has been addressed in NDAP. 

Tracking changes

The portal has implemented an algorithm to track the changes in the data published within the websites of various departments. And, it reprocesses the newly available data into NDAP platform with minimal manual intervention. 

One of the projects in which OTSI catalysed the digitisation of states transportation services was in the case of Andhra Pradesh State Transport Department (APSTD), where it provided complete digitisation solutions. It integrated the portal with aadhar, vaahan database, financers and insurance companies, to make vehicle purchase hassle-free and seamless process for the citizens of the state. “This has built transparency in dealings across the department functions and drastically reduced queues at RTO offices by more than 80 per cent,” affirms Narasimha Gondi, founder & executive chairman, OTSI. 

  • Talluri: promoting data-driven decision making

    Talluri: promoting data-driven decision making

The simplified step, directed at digitisation provides about 76 services of the transport department online. Registration of passengers and commercial vehicles, issuing of driving licences, vehicle permits, ensuring furnishing and fitness of the vehicles, payment of commercial taxes, citizen services and renewal of vehicle registration, finance and insurance are some of the services that have been digitalised.

“While digital transformation of APSTD has been around for a few years, the model which does not need people to visit the RTO any longer has the potential to be replicated in other states across India for better citizen services and bringing transparency and efficiency to the functioning of transport departments,” adds Talluri, who has also developed intuitive and easy navigation-based web and mobile application, completely based on Aadhar card, for APSTD. 

“In all this, the time taken for issuing permanent number for the vehicle has been reduced from 90 days to one day, which is unimaginable in the citizen services parlance,” observes Gondi. “On top of it, this permanent number is going to be delivered to your address mentioned on Aadhar card. Pictures of the vehicles and the owners are captured digitally at the time of purchases, which can act as a recovery tool for police department, in case of the theft of the vehicle”.

"We are confident that the digitisation of state transport departments will eventually be transformative for the state governments across the country, which helps boost transparency, create efficiency and enhance ease of use,” adds Gondi. “What is required is simplified adoption over time. Also, we must seek full co-operation from all stakeholders and seize the great opportunity. In the broader scheme of things, it would really help if all records were digitised, as it provides on-the-go access to information for the customers and will help integration with the department. We hope to deliver similar projects in other states to digitise entire process of the department and their citizen services”.

OTSI has also worked with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to set up business intelligence, data mining & analytics unit in the ministry. It would generate customised statistical reports, using relevant tools to be used by the government departments for policymaking and regulatory purposes. The main priority of this project is to demonstrate the potential of data mining, visualisation and inter-active reporting on the company filing forms submitted by companies to the MCA21 system.

OTSI has also been interacting with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for ICJS-Inter-operable Criminal Justice System, while also partnering with state governments. Besides, OTSI provides professional services to Advance Auto Parts Inc, an American automotive after-market parts provider, HeraSoft, OG Consultancy Services and others.

Meanwhile, OTSI has been assigned Inter Company Optimisation responsibilities for NORD India. This will enable it to handle export sales situations from India to Thailand and Germany. Kotak Securities Limited (KSL), a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, has chosen Altair's Panopticon Platform for data visualisation to augment data presentation needs facilitating proactive business decisions. OTSI and Altair are collaborating to ensure that KSL's business objectives are met effectively.

  • We take every measure to make sure that NDAP’s backend architecture is scalable and resilient to cater to the future needs of India

"OTSI has done an excellent job; we had the opportunity to test all features and the implementation looks professional and solid. We basically have all we initially requested", says Ivan Pederini, strategy & portfolio management, HPE.

"The project was a big win for IT and I want to appreciate all the hard work team has put in by working extra hours, weekdays and weekends to get it done,” says Shilpa Polisetty, senior manager, BI, Nanometrics Inc. “We also appreciate the management’s jumping in to address the escalations".

“We were looking at many criteria, while selecting the technology provider for this project,” observes N. Balasubramanyam, CEO, e-Pragati Authority. “We were tough on the standards and deadlines. The team at OTSI was willing to learn and take up the challenge. When you have the passion to learn and take up the challenge thrown at you, you'll succeed".

“OTSI's had a flexible approach to meet the present and future requirements of the ministry and its stakeholders,” comments director, statistics, MCA. “The OTSI team was professional and easy to work with and they developed a plan suited to meet the ministry's challenges, needs, and requirements.  OTSI has put in their best to meet the agreed-upon deliverables and timelines, with a high level of quality”.

“We see ourselves as a value player and strive to innovate and offer leading technology services and solutions at optimal cost to provide value to our customers,” acknowledges Gondi, who plans to look at the Philippines and Europe as the next destinations. “We have acquisitions on the radar and are hopeful to get some good opportunities to invest and acquire companies in Canada and European markets”.

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