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Published on: Dec. 30, 2022, 12:45 p.m.
Medix Global’s healthcare journey from prevention to diagnosis to rehabilitation
  • Atzmon with Birla: collaborating to mark a new chapter in the holistic healthcare management in India

By Lancelot Joseph. Executive Editor, Business India

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that change is the only constant and that healthcare is a big priority. The arrival of the corona virus and its fallout across the globe has altered the way we conduct our lives and business. 

Amid all this, individuals, healthcare professionals and ancillary service providers have been trying to determine how to best navigate these testing times. Thankfully, one company that has been ushering in solutions to the current challenges providing virtual health and medical management services and bringing the highest technological solutions for everyone is Medix Global. 

Medix has been ahead of the curve in healthcare services challenging conventions and fostering innovation. Ever since the global medical technology company was launched in India in July 2020, it has been adding more technology tools and services for individuals and healthcare service providers. 

The firm's technology-backed early detection and prevention provides a comprehensive service, to prevent diseases years before they appear. The company's personal medical case management and rehabilitation service is one of the most comprehensive services available in the medical diaspora, with Medix taking this service across India. 

"Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a demand for digital health solutions and Medix services in particular, as also services that focus on prevention and rehabilitation,” explains Sigal Atzmon, global CEO & founder, Medix. “Our prevention service for customers in India will provide personalised assessment and tools to manage one's risk to develop or detect and prevent cancer, cardiovascular, stroke and diabetes. With the prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions in India, this service will provide tangible and actionable added value and impact to both individuals and communities". 

Comprehensive offering 

Medix has introduced advanced healthcare solutions in India with innovative data-driven AI and digital tools that not only raise health care standards, but also optimise health care delivery. This not only drives improved outcomes among the service's users, its services provide the maximum benefits at lower costs. 

The firm has just recently partnered Tata AIA to give its customers access to the unique personal medical case management services. This supports Tata AIA's customers to find the right diagnosis, choose the best possible treatments, while also having access to Medix's local and global network of quality accredited medical specialists to manage their medical care for serious illnesses. 

"Our tie-up with Tata AIA will enable it to give its customers access to our unique and personal medical case management services,” says Atzmon. “These support their customers in reaching the right diagnosis and choosing the best possible treatment, while having access to Medix local and global network of quality accredited medical specialists to management their medical care for serious illnesses". 

Not only that, the firm has raised its solutions a notch in India with the launch of an early disease detection services related to chronic diseases. Besides, the company also plans to introduce additional services including, elderly-focused care solutions, and mental health support and employee health services.

Global model 

Medix has built a strong reputation globally with various relevant stakeholders to streamline the healthcare process as it guides customers in all aspects from prevention to diagnosis to rehabilitation. The firm has a large roster of over several hundred doctors and has a quality accredited network of over 4,500 specialists in over 2,000 hospitals. Medix offers solutions to empower patients and doctors alike to continuously work on delivering the best possible solution to ensure health care services are holistic, regular and affordable.

  • 2023 will shape up an important year for Medix Global in India as it looks to launch and augment its digital health services specifically focussed on the Indian market

Medix has built in advantages that can lead to advanced and full use of the medical and scientific expertise available across the domain in treatments. Its technology service is one of the most advanced and full-fledged services available for even the most critical health care needs. 

Over the last 16 years, Medix Global has been working hard to enhance the delivery of medical responses to customers that are borderless, personalised and data-driven. The firm has been working with healthcare service providers, hospitals, health and life insurers, employers, and government institutions across the globe to provide its comprehensive technology-driven solutions to its customers. 

The Asia-Pacific region has been a major area of focus for Medix Global. Since opening its first office in Hong Kong in 2013, the firm has expanded big in Asia. In addition to its operations in London and Tel Aviv, the firm has offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne, New York, Munich and, now, in Mumbai and Delhi. 

Domestic plans

In India, the firm is in discussions with many of the biggest firms including corporates, large banks and insurers to bring its services to more and more Indians, including doctors and the rural population. Medix Global tech platform enables interactivity and connectivity for healthcare professionals, which will tremendously enable doctors, particularly in rural areas. 

Medix' service offerings are very much in line with the recent announcements and plans from both the federal and state levels in India that are focussing on the digitalisation of the healthcare industry. Further, increased insurance penetration is expected to further expand preventive health solutions, as well as diagnosis and rehabilitation. That should provide a lot more healthcare service providers and financial institutions to embrace digital health care solutions to the people. 

"We are in communication with some of the largest businesses, financial groups, consumer facing conglomerates and insurance providers to connect with patients in India. Our case management service and prevention service will enable everyone to gain invaluable advantages on their healthcare journey. We are discussing with several of the biggest firms in India, large corporates, banks and insurers to take our solutions to more and more people," says Atzmon. 

Not only that, there has to be an increased investment in digital healthcare too. India has miles to go to catch up on the technology front, particularly when it comes to healthcare. Globally, firms are investing large sums of money in medical technology and startups. Towards this end, Medix is also looking at investing in digital health and tech companies. 

"We have budgeted around $20 million that we would like to find Indian digital health tech companies, start-ups that have brilliant ideas, they are good. India is lagging behind in the start-up area too – the space specifically meant for digital health,” says Atzmon. 

“I believe now we will see India focussing more on healthcare and we will see start-ups and tech capabilities too,” expects Atzmon. “We will signal those start-ups to reach out to us to show us their capabilities and invest in them for the development in India of the better healthcare system".

  • I believe now we will see India focussing more on healthcare and we will see start-ups and tech capabilities too

Indeed, 2023 will shape up an important year for Medix Global in India as it looks to launch and augment its digital health services specifically focussed on the Indian market, especially in rural areas. The firm is on an expansion spree with more offices being planned in addition to the ones in Mumbai and Delhi. The firm is also looking to hire additional talent while utilising a large pan-India digital infrastructure for telemedicine and off-line medical solutions.

India's medical healthcare market will derive rich benefits with the global technology platform and the borderless access to new medical solutions. In fact, the democratisation of healthcare brings higher efficiency and best advanced practices, particularly to countries like India. 

Medix services bring about better health outcomes and, with its recently launched digital app, the firm should take its digital health care solutions several leaps higher. Medix app enables individuals to better understand their health situation and take the necessary action to access a wide variety of health care management services. "The future will focus on digital healthcare, and we are at the forefront of that," says Atzmon. 

Strategic partnership 

Mpower, a leader in the mental health space, brings together a strong force of over 200 experienced mental health professionals affiliated with it and offering world-class, scientifically proven intervention techniques. These have positively impacted over 121 million lives in India through its mental health care services.

Medix brings extensive experience in global health management, with a strong focus on India, employing over 300 in-house doctors and a quality accredited network of world-leading specialists in every medical field, and serving over 8 million customers globally.

Mpower's core value of ‘creating a stigma-free and emotionally healthy society’ is combined with Medix's commitment to ‘support people through life's physical and emotional journeys’. The collaboration will work to reduce the stigma associated with depression, stress, anxiety, and mood disorders, as well as to reframe mental health as more approachable and actionable, particularly for youth aged 16-35.

As part of this strategic partnership, Medix India will incorporate Mpower's mental health services into its various care programmes, providing access to Mpower clinics and virtual mental health services to its customers and partners, which include leading insurers, corporate employers, and other stakeholders.

Further, new technology and digital solutions will be integrated into mental health services, improving service delivery and accessibility. The collaboration is led by two strong and committed female leaders who are proud to bring their unique perspectives and approaches to addressing India's Mental Health imperatives.

  • We have budgeted around $20 million that we would like to find Indian digital health tech companies, start-ups that have brilliant ideas, they are good

Mpower and Medix will change the mental health conversation in India, by promoting new ways to get help and support. The collaboration introduces a new, holistic approach to mental and emotional counselling and mentorship, specifically designed to reach the country's youth.

“Mpower has always been a pioneer in the mental health space in India,” affirms Neerja Birla, founder & chairperson, Mpower, commenting on the partnership. “And this partnership is yet again a step forward to consolidate our position as a change-maker in the space. Mental health problems are common in people with medical conditions, because of a complex interplay between psychological, physical and social factors thus Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health. The collaboration provides holistic solutions to patients who can now opt for physical and mental health services on one platform.  We hope such collaborations mark a new chapter in the holistic healthcare management in India and provide equal importance to mental and physical health thus encouraging further research, engagement, accessibility and wipe of stigma associated to mental health”.

“Mental health is a broad group of conditions, which have a serious impact on the way they think, feel and act. We are seeing the younger generation which is faced by increased pressures driven by various factors and often, they lack the tools to cope with these challenges in a positive way”, concludes Atzmon aiming to dissociate the stigma with mental health.

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