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Published on: May 27, 2023, 2:29 p.m.
How WIMS scripted a successful transition
  • WIMS has become a one-stop-shop for all IT infrastructure and cloud solutions

By Arbind Gupta. Assistant Editor, Business India

Writer Information Management Services (WIMS) – a part of the Rs2,000-crore Writer Group – is today a transformed entity. Started in 1987 as a pure play record management business, the Rs750-crore WIMS has undergone a major transition in the last few years. Today, the Mumbai-headquartered company has emerged as one of the most comprehensive players in the information management space.

WIMS’s capabilities now span an entire data lifecycle and digital transformation. Apart from its original secure storage services vertical, the company, which employs 10,000 people, has three other businesses – Business Process Services, Cloud and Data Centre Services, as also Digital Solutions.  Currently, these new businesses contribute almost 45 per cent to the company’s top line which is set to reach Rs1,500 crore by FY26.

In fact, the company, which has grown at around 25 per cent YoY in the last few years, has made significant progress in its BPO business where it employs around 6,000 people across six locations – Mumbai, Nashik, Bhiwandi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Noida, and Bengaluru (it is also looking at setting up a few more BPO centres in Tier III cites). It currently has many major banks/FIs, such as ICICI, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finance, and Tata Capital as its clients.

With the acquisition of over 70 accounts in a short span of 4 years, WIMS is now the largest loan origination processor in the entire Asia Pacific region. WIMS (BPO business) is listed as one of the top 20 players in the loan origination space by Everest Peak Matrix. Its Business Process Services and Secure Storage Services have been appraised for SVC 1.3 Level 5 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

The company offers business process services to UIDAI’s Aadhaar identity platform and helps it eliminate duplicate or fake identities and ensure effective, transparent governance. WIMS has been able to deliver 99.9 per cent accuracy in this initiative’s compliance quality check project in 16 languages for the world’s largest biometric database programme.  

WIMS delivers its solutions on-site and off-site across over 18 cities (36 locations, more than 870 million files). It has close to 3 million sq ft of storage space. With its expanded portfolio of offerings, WIMS serves the growing and evolving information management needs of over 3,000 customers across India. These customers belong to sectors like BFSI, pharmaceutical, FMCG, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, media and Govt/PSUs.

The company has recently also added Indian Railways as a customer, where it provides record management services. Its storage facilities are purpose-built, allowing them to store and manage documents, servers and data tapes in secure processing rooms for efficient scanning, indexing and processing of information.

All the facilities are on a Wide Area Network (WAN) with built-in disaster recovery redundancies (primary and secondary) to enable ‘zero’ downtime. The facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Apart from India, the company, which has 50 per cent market share in the record management market, has also extended its presence to the overseas markets of Dubai and Nigeria, even as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Egypt are in the pipeline. 

“From a pure play record management company, we have become a comprehensive player in the information management space, offering services and solutions across the entire data lifecycle and digital transformation. Since the record management market is quite small, we took a conscious decision to build new-age businesses around our existing business. All our newer businesses are either backward or forward integrations of our record management business and hence there is a high degree of synergy. Backed by our new-age businesses, we are now all geared up to start our next growth phase in a most robust manner,” says Satyamohan Yanambaka, CEO, WIMS.

  • Yanambaka: building new age businesses

“WIMS has transitioned into a multi-services ITeS setup, offering niche KPO, cloud, hyper automation, and process transformation services. We at WIMS have designed a bouquet of services that suits digital India’s needs, from digitalising High Courts’ case data, land records, and UIDAI, thus propelling the Digital India Mission,” adds Yanambaka.

WIMS is placing significant emphasis on its Business Process Services vertical where it offers a comprehensive range of services which encompasses credit underwriting processes; governance, risk & compliance; finance and accounting; HR lifecycle management; customer onboarding, digitisation services, healthcare services, assisted sales competency and contact centres.

All these offerings are powered by agile digital platforms built on emerging technologies, world class infrastructure and re-engineered processes. In other words, while delivering these services, the company combines domain expertise, efficient tools and specialised technology tools. The business serves sectors like BFSI, Government, PSU, healthcare, manufacturing and telecom.

In order to enhance the reach of its BPO, the company has also come up with a new age offering, Business Process as a Service or BPaaS, which is any type of horizontal or vertical business process that is delivered using Cloud Computing as a service model. Completely configurable and connected to services, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, BPaaS enables organisations to leverage services based on their specific requirements and duration utilising a shared set of resources across processes and technologies.     

Digital experience

BPaaS in BFSI, provides integrated digital technology, which helps deliver a seamless end-to-end digital experience to BFSI customers. It helps improve process automation, increases cost-to-income ratios and provides better flexibility and scalability to banking operations. Similarly, in insurance, BPaaS assists insurers improve their cost effectiveness, ensuring greater flexibility and agility in their processes. It also helps insurers better manage the underwriting function as well as any new business processes.

Through the implementation of BPaaS, the handling of agents becomes more effective and it also helps augment multiple distribution channels, boosting the prospects of renewals.

“Our new businesses like BPO, cloud and software solutions are taking shape quite well. All these businesses have huge potential and will significantly help us in scaling up our overall business. Recently, we have made substantial efforts to move to global markets. As part of this initiative, we have come up with our new offering – BPaaS. It’s an end-to-and technology platform like a fintech platform. However, while fintech sells technology, we don’t sell the technology, we sell the outcome. We use the BPaaS tech platform to process transactions and charge for services,” says Yanambaka who joined the company in 2016 and has played a pivotal role in its transformation. 

A technocrat turned banker and later a business transformation specialist, he has successfully led large organisations in transitioning from brick & mortar businesses to digital savvy services entities. Yanambaka has over 25+ years of rich and diversified leadership experience in many large multinational corporations such as HCL Technologies, Oracle, State Bank of India and Mahindra Satyam.

Under his leadership, WIMS is currently the fastest growing business unit in the 1953-founded Writer Group which also has other businesses like Writer Relocations; Writer Safeguard and Writer Realty. Backed by over 15,000 employees and 450+ service locations, the group, which has a presence in 8 countries, caters to over 3,000 clients globally.

  • Gurugram facility: offering services and solutions

In the cloud and data centre services business, WIMS, which already has close to 100 customers, provides a wide range of services in the cloud and IT infrastructure space, such as Infrastructure Management, Cloud Lifecycle Management, Data Centre Hosting & Management, Consulting and System Integration Services, Staff Augmentation Services and cyber security. The company is setting up its own Data Centre (10 MW) in Navi Mumbai. The Rs400-crore Data Centre will be ready by September 2024.

“WIMS empowers the transformational journey of companies by offering complete cloud services across domains, which are delivered through industrialised solutions. Our approach enables private, multi-cloud, and public clouds, with capabilities to deliver any application on any device and on any cloud. Our expertise in cloud technologies and IT infrastructure makes us the preferred partner when it comes to many of our clients’ digital transformation journeys. Our investment in proprietary tools and technologies, skills in emerging technologies, a comprehensive partner ecosystem, DevOps, IoT, and more reaffirms that we are a one-stop-shop for all IT infrastructure and cloud solutions,” says the CEO.

In Digital Solutions, WIMS offers three broad solutions – Hospital Management Solutions; Enterprise Content Management System and Integrated platform.

WIMS’s Hospital Management Solution has become an indispensable factor in hospitals. From billing, finance, HR, to administration, it streamlines the processes of healthcare centres and also enhances the quality of patient care. It is a cohesive system which records and retrieves information with just a few clicks. The software enables system automation that facilitates improved efficiencies and tackles challenges faced during patient care, while simultaneously reducing expenses.

“We offer integrated multi-facility, scalable and multi-lingual platform that can be configured to meet all the relevant communication and information needs of the operational, administrative, revenue and clinical departments of small, medium to large hospitals and networks,” says Yanambaka.

Under its Enterprise Content Management System, the company offers software solutions ranging from Document Management Software, Workflow Management System to Document Scanning Software, Records Management System, Human Resource Management System and Contract Management Software.

InfoDocs is a mobile-enabled, cloud-based Enterprise Content Management Application that provides document storage, access control, centralised storage, audit trails and streamlined search and retrieval. It is a software built using modern, open architectures that can be deployed on-premise or in a SaaS model. It offers many advantages for managing information efficiently in terms of retrieval, governance, security and lower cost of operations.

Similarly, InfoFlow is a workflow management software application designed for setting up and tracking a defined set of tasks along with its series. This software is configurable, and utilises rules, validations, and checklists, along with image-based and form-based data-entry features. 

InfoScan is an advanced document scanning solution for a high volume production environment. It accelerates business processes by capturing data and transforming it into an actionable business information. 

Easy access

“It is much easier to access digital documents compared to physical documents. It can take hours to go through physical files and folders to find a document. With digital conversion of documents, employees have easy access to what they need when they need it. Further, digital documents can be secured with backup systems and businesses therefore need not fear the loss of documents,” says the CEO.

  • WIMS is a comprehensive player in the information management space

    WIMS is a comprehensive player in the information management space

WIMS has partnered with Oman Computer Services (OCS Infotech), a leading Information Technology Company in the Sultanate of Oman. As a part of company’s Global Partnership Programme, OCS Infotech plays a crucial role in reselling various digital solutions provided by WIMS to its customers and further strengthening its position in the region. This partnership will strengthen WIMS’s commitment to protect and transform the digital assets of organisations within Oman across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, government institutions, and others.

WIMS has also struck a partnership in the field of cyber security services with Morphisec, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and server security solutions from Israel. This partnership aims at offering Morphisec’s patented Moving Target Defense technology across advanced endpoints, virtual desktops, cloud workload and servers. With this, customers have access to solutions that significantly improve the ability to block modern cyberattacks with the most advanced form of security.

“We are delighted to partner with Morphisec and enable our customers access to their patented Moving Target Defense technology and Incident Response Services as part of our bundled offerings. Through Morphisec products, we can provide our clients with the best possible protection against unknown cyber threats such as ransomware & malware. With the rising number of cyberattacks and higher priority given to cyber security, the business ecosystem will benefit from our best-in-class and proactive protection services,” says Yanambaka.

Moving forward, the company is also looking to expand its range of services within its record management business by venturing into e-waste management and other new-age services. It has already formed partnerships with third-party vendors, even as it intends to also build native e-waste processing centres.

Besides, it is also planning to set up self-storage facilities for individuals within its existing storage facilities, a concept quite popular in the US and Europe. While the company has primarily relied on organic growth strategies, it is also planning to explore inorganic routes in the future. In fact, it has created a separate M&A team, which will execute at least one M&A deal every year.

With these significant developments in place, the company has positioned itself strongly in the information management space. The past few years have been eventful, leading to a completely revamped set-up capable of offering a wide range of solutions and services across multiple new-age businesses. With this, WIMS has already entered its next growth phase where it will greatly expand its overall business.

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