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Published on: Aug. 10, 2020, 12:24 a.m.
The TI India Citizenship programme aims to give back to the community
  • TI India worked with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to feed over 575,000 people stranded by Covid-19

By Sekhar Seshan. Consulting Editor, Business India

Texas Instruments (TI) calls it ‘citizenship’, not CSR. In keeping with the vision of the company’s founders dating back more than 85 years - to create a positive impact in the communities in which they operate - TI India too has a Citizenship team.  

A voluntary body of its employees here, it works in environmental, educational, healthcare, hunger elimination and other community-focussed programmes on the premise that every individual can change the world and steer her/his own future if given a chance to do so. 

The TI India Citizenship programme aims to, first, enhance the quality of and access to education in India, especially for socio-economically disadvantaged students and promoting gender equality in schools. Its ‘Back to School’, ‘Mobile Science Lab’ and ‘School Adoption’ programmes reach out to around 30,000 school children. It is also involved in water body conservation and tree planting projects. 

The school adoption programme, which has the stated aim of improving the learning experience and quality of education for children from select government schools, involves improving the infrastructure facilities including setting up computer labs and introducing smart classes. It also provides for additional teachers for computer education and offering special training sessions for scholarship programmes.  

For the younger children, TI India provides school kits with bag, notebooks, geometry box or pencil box and pen or pencils, along with a holistic learning experience with access to art and craft, cultural activities and sports competitions. Access to hygienic sanitation facilities and safe drinking water, which are not always available, are also provided as well as a school health programme to provide treatment and referrals for needy children.

Employees are also encouraged to give back to the communities where they themselves live and work. With the current Covid-19 situation having led to a rethinking in the way they were contributing to the society, TI India collaborated with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to help vulnerable communities with the distribution of over 575,000 meals across the nation. The employees at the company have also continued to volunteer remotely with associated NGOs, specially pertaining to education, to facilitate and ensure seamless operations.  

For all this, the TI India employees have a rich volunteering culture – from monetary donations to committing their personal time, talent and skills during natural disasters, and calamities. The company encourages employee engagement and volunteerism and provides a platform for employees to pursue social causes.

Furthering the founders’ firm belief that strong companies build strong communities, and strong communities build strong companies, the company today continues to foster the citizenship culture. Planning and adopting a creative approach enable TI India to do its part in helping the communities in which it operates. In India, it follows the same principle of partnering to make a social change, working to improve the quality of life and meet the greatest needs in communities where it operates, especially to support environment and healthcare.

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