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Published on: Oct. 21, 2019, 11:29 a.m.
Bonding together
  • It has become vital for B-Schools to innovate and reinvent themselves

By Fr. E Abraham S.J.. The author is Director, XLRI

There has been a vast change in the dynamics of the corporate world. The millennial generation is looking beyond the confines of traditional corporate jobs and venturing into newer avenues. They are starting new ventures and start-ups. The established corporate entities too to some extent are shedding their traditional outlook and reinventing themselves. The driving force behind this change is – innovation.

Whilst preparing students for the corporate world, it has become vital for B-Schools to innovate and reinvent themselves. Forward-looking management schools in India need to re-invent the management education system with a clear intent in helping shape future business leaders who can contribute their mite in accelerating sustainable economic development and ensuring that all stakeholders especially the underprivileged sections of the society get their fair share of the wealth creation.

XLRI, the oldest management school in India, was founded in 1949 by Jesuit priests originally from America, with a unique vision to be a partner in young India’s growth as a fledgling nation which had just attained freedom from the British. Over the last sixty years XLRI has imparted world-class management education with a distinctive emphasis on shaping business leaders, who are responsible and ethical in their workplace and contribute their mite in creating a sustainable future.

XLRI is perhaps India’s first management school to have Managerial Ethics and Sustainable Development as compulsory courses for all the students. With a view to sensitise students to the challenges of rural India a three-day village exposure visit at the beginning of all flagship programmes is compulsory. Thereafter, as a part of their learning regimen projects are undertaken by students to help alleviate the challenges of the villagers and semi-urban population in and around the institute.

Today’s highly competitive business environment has necessitated constant technical innovations, intense marketing efforts, etc, with an intent to capture more shares of volume and profits across industry sectors. And at every point, in every stage, the competition is getting more and more intense. A forward-thinking B-School should constantly scan the developments in business and in society and proactively meet the challenges and offer programmes apt for the current business scenario. XLRI spares no effort to make its curriculum world-class and deliver it in the most effective and relevant manner.

At XLRI, we have undertaken some innovative or non-conventional methods in terms of curriculum delivery. For example, Strategy Implementation is taught partially through games in the course ‘Strategy Implementation Through Simulation’. Also, in GMP, we taught (for two years) an ‘integrated course’ with five faculty members together. Across courses, we have been inviting professionals from various industries to come to the campus and help bridge the gap between theory and practice and help students to get more exposure of various industries.

Short-term EMDP courses on Certificate in Competency Building, Certificate in Business Analytics, and Certificate in Labour Laws, etc, have also been introduced for working executives. We are also running an EMDP on ‘strategic management’ for 60 hours, where nearly the whole area participates in programme delivery. Our Virtual Interactive Learning (VIL) area EMDP in Financial Accounting and Auditing and PGCBAMD are two such niche examples.

The objective of the EMDP in Financial Accounting and Auditing programme is to enable participants to obtain practical insights into the application and the impact of the Indian Accounting Standards. Similarly, the Postgraduate Certification in Business Analytics for Management Decisions (PGCBAMD) is a 12-month consolidated course. The course aims to provide an opportunity to study and earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics for Management Decision while working.

At XLRI, we strive towards an integral formation, whereby students are encouraged to nurture their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social persona to evolve as well-rounded human beings furthering greater common good. Co-curricular, cultural and sports fests hosted by the student bodies are the outcome of stupendous efforts put in by students beyond their curriculum framework. Some of them are – Valhalla, Xlerate, Maxi Fair, Synergy, Ensemble, XL Utsav, Disha Samarthya, Finax Town Hall and Joy of Giving.

Culture and ethos is cultivated in our students not only in classrooms, but everywhere at XLRI. The XLRI experience plays a vital role in the entire corporate life of a student. At XLRI, we profess and try to bring about in the students the best spirit of bonding together, team building and leadership not only through classroom learning but also through various extracurricular activities, adventure programme, village visits, etc. In fact, bonding together is an important aspect of XLRI culture.


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